Hello World!

I had a wordpress site before but it just didn't work out for me. After migrating to another server I didn't even bother to copy the data. I've read about GitHub pages and Jekyll before, but never thought about using it myself. So I had some spare time and my previous site wasn't really a site or anything to be proud of. Time for a revamp and instead of a crappy cms, why not the Jekyll way. I could have gone the easy route and clone Jekyll bootstrap but I want to know how stuff works. So... doing it the hard way: Starting from scratch and looking at how others did this. But eventually I've got it all working. Not in 3 minutes but at least in a day.

This site is pretty basic and I tend to keep it that way. It has Google Analytics so I can see if someone is actually visiting my site. And I've added disqus for comments and that's about it.

Next up is getting rid of Bootstrap since I don't need it here. Oh yeah, maybe add some posts with real content.