Selected Work

Want to see what I am made of? Here you go, I’m proud of the work I’ve done. It’s only a tiny collection of the most interesting projects.


This a perfect example of where javascript is overkill. The site is built with what is needed: html and css. It's very fast generated with Hugo and deployed to Netlify and its powerful CDN. And that is all automated when updates are pushed to its GitHub repository.


Since 2002 I’m doing weekly content updates for the owner. It started with a custom cms, moved to WordPress, and converted to a static site generated with Hugo and delivered to you by Netlify. GitHub Actions are used to trigger daily builds so new columns can be scheduled.


This custom build webshop ran on PHP a while back. However the filtering of products was done server side and used too many resources and made it a pain to use for clients. The site was converted to a Vue.js app and the filtering is now done client side. The server still uses PHP for an API and admin pages, powered by zend-expressive.

Screenshot auctions

Custom build auctions

Built with PHP this app supports multiple auction sites and auction types (dutch, english, timed, live). It has mass mailing, scripts to automatically close and handle auctions, bid master screen for live auctions and so much more.