About Geert Eltink


I’ve learned a thing or two over the years when working as a developer. I love sharing what I’ve learned and use this site for that.

The difference between knowledge and wisdom is experience.

I choose a skill I want to be good at, do the research and will get my hands dirty while experimenting to uncover its principles. To be able to write or teach I need real experience.


It started back in 1999 when I got involved in a startup which listed all available daily menus of the local restaurants. The programming languages I learned during my business information technology study wasn’t proficient and I taught myself PHP. My lack of architecture skills forced me to be inventive and I used a customized news publishing platform for it.

That news publishing platform was my first open source experience and I started making contributions. After a while it got me my first lead developer position.

I always had plenty of work offered via my network which got me started as a freelance developer. I started with html sites, WordPress sites and plugins. Eventually I got bigger jobs to build sites and even an auction platform from scratch for which I used CodeIgnitor, Symfony and Laminas (FKA Zend Framework).

Server maintenance, deployments and setting up CI is something I learned and loved as well and I have extended my knowledge with JavaScript frameworks like VueJS and AngularJS.

During my freelance time, I’ve worked alone and in teams as a developer, team lead and architect.

In 2019 I got tired of chasing clients for payments and wanted to work in a bigger company. Januari 2020 I started as a Senior Software Engineer at ottonova. Early 2021 I got the role as a team lead. It means less programming but more of the other things I like to do like management and even building a new team from scratch in 2022. Even tough the official title is team lead software engineering, I do a lot more in the area of a software architect like: managing projects, talking to clients, collaborate with other teams, code reviews, documentation and even troubleshooting from time to time.

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