Geert Eltink
Geert Eltink

Geert Eltink

Right now, I am...

... building the next digital health insurance

Since January 2020 I am working at ottonova, bringing digital health insurance to Germany. I enjoy working in a team and it turns out it's something I missed the passed years as a freelancer. I'm mostly doing PHP backend work and once in a while I break the frontend with my Angular contributions. Because health insurance is so complex and most stuff is build in house, there is never a boring day.

... working on side projects

Besides contributing to laminas and mezzio, there are not many side projects going on at the moment.

... working on a client project

Once in a while I'm still building a PHP based API server powered by mezzio. Its purpose is to feed configuration and content to several company websites, auction sites and webshops, all build with Vue 3.

... doing sports when not working

This may include, but is not limited to, mountain biking, (trail) running, yoga and diving.

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